Photo Credit: Pamela Salai Photography

After years of struggling with infertility, we decided to pursue private infant adoption. We told everyone that we breathed on that we wanted to adopt. One day while I was at work, we received a phone call from a good friend of ours explaining that a friend of her family had a granddaughter who recently had her daughter removed by CYF. The great-grandmother was caring for the child, but was unable to continue to care for the 9 week old infant and wanted to place the baby in foster care with us. We didn't know what to do, we didn't want to foster, but we wanted a baby. We knew the baby needed a home, and we had a home to give. So, we opened our doors up to a 9 week old baby girl.  The day she was left in our arms, we knew she was going to be ours forever. We fostered her for over a year and we finally got the opportunity to adopt her. We finalized her adoption on 7/15/2014. We couldn't imagine life without Kassidy, who is now two years old and is thriving! She is so smart and such a joy! She is amazing and we love her to the moon and back! We have an open adoption with her great-grandma and we send photos and updates often. Adoption is amazing and we are now waiting to adopt again!