Hi, I recently placed twin boys.

They are going to be a year in April.

I was raped. Twins. One with Down syndrome. A partner who didn't want to parent with me and wanted me to abort. Trauma all around. I concealed the rape at first. Medical staff kept asking if I was going to selectively terminate due to the Ds. I chose to give MORE. I did not give up my children. I placed them gently and lovingly into a couple's arms. My couple are high school sweethearts who were married for 6 years and could not conceive. We have an extremely beautiful and open adoption. We get together about every month or every other. I pumped breast milk for nearly 6 months for the boys. They have the sweetest smiles and I love them with all of my heart! I do parent my older two children. I had two miscarriages after my older two and one of the babies I delivered. I scheduled the abortion to please another, cried for three days and then decided that the one thing I would not do, is have an abortion. Never giving up...always giving more.I now support those touched by adoption throughout the country. I started a group called Giving More Though Adoption. We held our first birth mother retreat in November. I'm attending a different retreat in June run by another amazing birth mom. I have been asked to teach a class. Women need support, adoption trauma is real, but can be greatly reduced for all triad members if healing occurs throughout their lives. We all talk about the good, the bad and the ugly. We face it, deal with it, live through it, wall through it and walk on stronger and braver.