I am grateful that my parents adopted me!

My mom had 2 girls a couple of years apart and then for whatever reason wasn’t able to get pregnant again.  11 years past and then they adopted me.

I was raised in a family by loving parents and two wonderful sisters that spoiled me rotten, after all I was their little adopted baby brother that they had been praying about for a very long time. They taught me at a young age that my natural mother was so courageous and wanted the very best for me.  I love my natural mother for thinking of me first!  It’s crazy how life can sometimes repeat itself.

My wife and I had 2 beautiful daughters that were born a couple of years apart from each other and then for whatever reason, weren’t able to get pregnant.  9 years later, we adopted my son.  I can only imagine that we as a family experienced all of the same emotions that my parents and sisters did when they adopted me.

I love my son with all my heart. We share a special bond because of our similar circumstance. 

My oldest daughter recently married. Her husband was also adopted so it’s a special bond that all the men in my family share and one that we are all extremely grateful for.  We understand that we were all blessed beyond measure to be placed with loving families!

Adoption is gift from a loving mother to a grateful family!