I am so grateful to be an adopted, chosen child.  Because of the open adoption, I was able to receive the love, support, and encouragement from two families, both providing what was needed to usher one little girl into womanhood.  I have many memories that reflect the beauty in adoption such as my (biological) mom coming over to my (adoptive) parent’s house to have dinner with the family; my parents making sure that I spent time with my mom and brother; and neither one asking me to choose to love one more than the other, but respecting each other’s place in my heart.  My mother brought me into this world and took care of me during my first five years of life.  Then, at God’s appointed time, she handed me to my magnificent parents to be nurtured, educated, guided, cared for, loved and provide a safe place..  To me, the beauty in adoption is found in the selfless acts of love demonstrated by both sets of parents.