Don’t be afraid to love a child that might leave.
— Christina

Our first foster placement was in the Spring of 2011. A 3 year old boy & a 2 year old girl, when they first saw me they both yelled "mommy" & part of me knew they would be my forever kids. It was a long, bumpy road but we adopted them 3.5 years later.

Foster care is hard. It's bringing light into a dark place. We had 3 kids transition home but in their case we "adopted" the whole family. Having those kids in my home & getting to know & become friends with their mother, gave me a glimpse of what foster care could be.

Don't be afraid to love a child that might leave. You never know what will happen. In just 4 years we have adopted 4 of the 8 children we have fostered. And when the journey doesn't end with adoption, foster parents have the opportunity to impact communities by loving a child & supporting a family. I can tell you from my experience that either outcome is rewarding & beautiful.