Adoption is an everlasting journey of healing. Although it’s also an incredible, indescribable journey of unconditional love as well.
— Becca

My name is Becca, I am 22 and I'm a Latina, born into a Caucasian family because of adoption. My mom had 2 bio boys first, and when they went off to college, she wasn't ready to have an empty nest! I grew up basically as an only child, however, I had to mature quickly because I dealt with the stares, the questions, and the judgement of why I didn't look like my parents. Everyday this was a struggle for me. People would ask if my mom was my grandma, or why my real mom wasn't there. I matured quickly because I learned how to cope and deal with these difficulties in my life in a polite but educating way. Slowly but surely, I understood and started to feel the fortunate gift I was blessed with, with my parents being my parents. My parents always made me feel extraordinary in my adoption though, and always were open at anytime to answer questions I had about my adoption. However, the desire to meet someone with my DNA and appearance was about to be granted when I fell pregnant right after my 21st birthday. I asked for adoption papers at planned parenthood. I also asked for information on abortion. But after much soul searching and consideration, I had an epiphany. If my own Birthmother could stay pregnant with me on the streets, in the deadly gangs, and still make sure I was born perfectly healthy... Then I can stay pregnant with my baby with my fortunate, comfortable life. And I promised my baby I would find her parents. I knew at that moment I could not parent. I was in school, working, and still a kid in my mind. I didn't have the tools to parent, and I wanted to give my child the best I could possibly give her, even if it didn't include me. I wanted her to not be born into an automatic custody battle. I didn't want my child to watch me struggle feeding both of us. The same facilitator whom matched my Birthmother with my parents, matched me with my daughters parents. I was fortunate enough to be able to use my own experience as an adoptee, to become the best birthmother I could be. I gave birth to my birth daughter, Henna Love, by her adoptive father guiding her body into the world. She was then placed onto the bare chest of her adoptive mother to the left of me. I gave her adoptive father a huge hug. Tears covered my chest, instead of the warmth of my new born baby girl. Adoption is an everlasting journey of healing. Although it's also an incredible, indescribable journey of unconditional love as well. Hopefully with my own experiences as both adoptee and birthmom, I will be able to connect with some of my babies in this deep way too, as I know in my heart, at least one of my children will be born into my arms from adoption. Thanks for your time.