I asked him one simple question, “Can I be your father, forever?” He told me and this is no lie
”You already are Dad.”
— B. Farmer

In 2008 I was a young 20 year old African-American Male in some sort of "crossroads" in my young life.  I was working 50 hours a week in a daycare as a teacher something I really wanted to do and I thought I was satisfied but I wasn't for some reason . For weeks I wondered what should I do next ,where do I go from here. Something was missing in my life but what? I wasn't ready to go to on the road to college , I'm doing what I love which was working with children what's next ! ? Then one night I flopped on to the edge of my bed and there was this AD that said "Become a Foster Parent and Change a Life". It was like everything made since to me again ! As much as I love working with kids, I enjoy taking care of kids even MORE! 

At this point after seeing the AD I started to doubt myself wondering if these workers would take me seriously . I was now terrified to call . Why? Maybe because I was young with a 1 bedroom apt and only 2yrs before I had just graduated high school . You ever heard the saying "God works in Mysterious Ways" ? Around this time of myself being scared to call the agency I went to a good friend of mines ,who also use to be my elementary school art teacher, and where were talking about my future and what I wanted to do . I told her I wanted to become a foster parent but I need another bedroom . After I had left her house the next day she calls me and leaves a message , she says " I don't know why I didn't mention it last but I have the perfect place I can rent to you at a dirt cheap price to help you out !" I was stunned ! 

Now that I had my place it was time to make the call I was terrified of making . I got an interview with the Director of the agency . At first glance she looked really intimidating , but as I sat down and we began to talk she was an awesome person to talk to , I loved her spirit . She asked me to tell her about myself , and more like where do I begin ! :) Do I begin to tell how I was a neglected child ,should I tell how my sisters ended up in foster care ,how I almost ended up in foster care ,how my mother and father were addicted to drugs, how my grandmother raised me from age 5 ,or how I had just planned the funeral of my father at age 19 with very little help ? At the end she asked me two questions. 1 ) How did you hear about my agency ? I told her I had saw the AD in a newspaper she replied and said that's funny I never put a AD in that paper and we both were like WOW that's God! 2) Why do I want to be a foster Parent ? I know the feeling , I've been hurt by a broken family not knowing what's next , I can related to these children on so many levels and to prove to them that there is hope and success at the end of the tunnel . I want to change lives. She then told me ,"Normally I would say you are too young to do this but I believe in you and love your spirit and I know I'm gonna have to fight with my bosses to approve you BUT I'm willing to do that for you . And from that day a GREAT friendship began , we talk all the time take trips and have a great time " YES ! In just I few months I had a foster care license. ! 

It was close to a year until I welcome my first foster child and it was on his birthday ! He was a piece of work . Soon he left do to a few conflicts . Then a month later I got another child .Imagine this with me . On March 5, 201 0 it was a Friday I'd never forget , a white van pulls along side my house and out hopes a little person and my eyes light up ! But wait let's take it back a week before . I get a call from the director saying " I have a placement for you that needs to happen very quickly " keeping in mind I just had a child leave my house a month before so here I was waiting a year to get a foster child and they are coming back to back ! . I go 50 miles to meet this child to make sure we are a match my agency didn't have much to tell me only his social worker and his name . Now I'm a African -American and I remember my director giving a name that seemed ethnic to me . Can only you imagine my surprise to see a little Caucasian chi ld sitting at the table ! It didn't matter to me I was just a little shocked by the name . Well we proceed with the meet and greet, it went great! The social worker and my self step to the side and began to talk about moving . First thing she says to me is can you take him cause he needs to move next Friday ! I'm saying WHOA so soon !? Then I said of course his room is all ready ! Now Friday is here . He is all moved in and he looks so small and scared . He didn't say much at first I ride him around town to see the area he was going to be living in, then he began to talk and that's when I heard a little voice say "DAD". It melted my heart instantly and a knew then he was mines . Now don't think we didn't have any hardships because we did ! Months go by and he is improving everyone is happy for him , then his social worker comes to visit and tells him he won't be able to go home I was heartbroken for him! His social worker asks him about the type of family he wanted he said two parents and a brother . Now its time to find him a family . His social worker had ask me before she left "Would you consider adopting him ?". I replied "You didn't even have to ask". The search is on. She finds the exact family he was looking for , I'm crushed I thought I had lost him I didn't want to influence is desicion so I just packed him a bag and sent him on . For three days I cried and prayed. My family and friends were upset for me ,they couldn't believe he was gone . The social worker called 3 days later and said "He wants YOU and only you , he wanted to come back the first night but we wanted him to try it out " . Grateful and relieved was my heart. When he came home and jumped into my arms and said "Daddy I missed you so much" ! And I asked him one simple question "Can I be your father?,Forever?" He told me and this is no lie "You already are Dad" . I told the social worker you can stop the search now we are a family . I didn't think they would even consider asking me because of our differences, I was black he was white ,and I was 23 at the time. Little did I know my director had already told them I would be perfect for him and all they had to do is ask me . She knows me so well ! After we cleared everything up it was time to get the ball rolling on the adoption. Every one was excited ! It only took 3 months complete everything on March 9, 2011 I adopted one of the most kind hearted grateful children I have ever met , and I'm proud to call him my son . Now fast forward about 3yrs later. My son and I decided it's time to expand our family. We began to look at different photo listings to find matches for our family. There were thousands of profiles to view which is kind of disheartening that so many kids needs a family. Well a year into our search we get a match, and it's out of state,yikes! Those placements tend to be very difficult and this one was no different. I drove 9hrs every two or 3 weeks to see my newest addition. I was crazy about him. He had such an "old man" personality. After about 8months he finally was able to come home. I knew he would have some issues but I was willing to work through them with him. Well after my second was all moved in a few months later I get another surprise and he was 4yrs old. Wow, I was now a single father of 3 boys, never in my wildest dreams. Now we are just your typical family. All my boys are fully adopted. We travel a little sports teams, school plays and social events. They get grounded and what not like any other kid would. It all comes with the job. And wouldn't change a thing. I started this Journey at age 20, adopted my first son at 22 and now at 29 I'm a father of 3. Life is good.