I Placed My Daughter for Adoption, But I Did Not Give Her Up.
— Jessalynn Speight, Cosmopolitan Article

"Jessalynn "Jessa" Bills Speight, was 18 when she learned she was pregnant. She and her then-boyfriend went to Planned Parenthood to review all her options, and after careful consideration, she chose adoption. It was such a positive experience that she now runs retreats for birth mothers who have made that same choice, and she is committed to fighting the stigma they often face. Birthmothers are not "all poor, disenfranchised drug addicts," she explains.

Now 24, Jessa has had two more children. Her 2-year-old daughter and 8-month old son live with her and her husband in Utah, while her eldest daughter lives six hours away. Jessa visits the adoptive family and considers them her extended family. Here, she shares her story."