Very early into our marriage, we pursued the call to serve children without a home. We thought that a foster system supported by a greater community such as extended family and church, was the best approach to the social needs in those days. We opened our home with the desire to integrate as many children as possible to our family life. Gladys came to our home at seven. Social Services assigned her to us for one year, then for another year, and many more.

Around the time Gladys was twelve, we were gladly surprised to hear her requested to be adopted as our daughter. We decided to talk about it with her biological mother, with whom we then had a sporadic relationship. She agreed that the best option for Gladys was to be adopted into our family.

Gladys is now happily married to Robert, both accomplished professionals, serving as leaders in their church and community and blessed by two beautiful teenage girls.

Parenting is a very humbling experience; and a beautiful one. We thank God for placing Gladys in our family and for allowing us to experience that adoption is beautiful! 

Today, as grandparents to 10 beautiful grandchildren, we are able to look back on our early years in Argentina and thank the Lord for bringing so much beauty to our family through adoption.